Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted this Hitler parody as a precursor to the "considering taking Tesla private" announcement.

It seems CEO Musk has been hinting at the potential for yesterday's big announcement for some time. Most of us are aware that he's not a fan of short positions, and Tesla is the most shorted stock in history. For this reason, among others, Musk tweeted that he's considering taking the company private.

At first, it seemed he may have been joking, but the story developed throughout the day. At this point, it all seems pretty real, though its reality is dependent on a vote from shareholders.

Below is Musk's Tweet from just a few days ago. We've also included some earlier Tweets in which the CEO foreshadowed the "short carnage" and "short burn of the century," as well as the short position exploding in about three weeks. The latter Tweet is from June 17, and as far as we're concerned, nothing significant happened three weeks after that warning. However, if we think of this in "Elon time," yesterday's big announcement may fit the bill.

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