Tesla explains various aspects of its two flagship models - Model S and Model X - in a new set of guide videos aimed at new users/owners.

Topics that are presented include charging methods, the usability of cargo capacity (both the trunks and rear seats, as well as towing) and various other features - from air suspension, through to autopark, over-the-air software updates and key fob.

Admittedly, these Tesla look sharp in the various videos below too.

Charging topics and Homelink connection (Model S+X)

  • Home Charging
  • Public Charging
  • Supercharging
  • Your home and car connected – set up your garage via Homelink

More about trunks, rear seats and towing:

  • Front Trunk (Model S+X) - Use every inch of your cargo space with your front trunk
  • Rear Seats - All the seating you’ll need in a Model X with the third row seat
  • Towing - Learn how to set up a trailer for Model X’s equipped with the tow package
  • Model X Doors - Falcon Wing doors make entry and exit easy and are designed to open in even the tightest of parking spaces

Model S and Model X features:

  • Smart Air Suspension - Use Model S+X Smart Air Suspension to help you get out of steep driveways and other bumpy conditions
  • Autopark - Use Autopark to help you park your Model S+X
  • Steering Wheel - Adjust your settings and features directly from your steering wheel
  • Gear Selection - Learn how to shift gears in your Model S+X
  • Software Updates - Learn how to install over-the-air software updates so your Model S+X can continue to get better over time

Learn how to use your Model S and Model X key fob to control your car

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