A Nissan Leaf owner documents charge speeds and battery temperatures on his drive from Scotland to the Milton Keynes for Fully Charged Live.

James of the YouTube channel Lemon-Tea Leaf recently put his Nissan Leaf to the test on a nearly 400 mile (643 km) trip from Scotland to Milton Keynes. His goal was to attend Fully Charged Live. While he has made similar journeys before, he uses this video to show how he minimizes heat and reduces trip times.


A route was planned with charging locations placed about 70 miles apart. In order to keep battery temperatures down, James kept his speeds between 80-100 km / hour (49-62 mph). He chose this max speed after Nissan informed him that 62 mph is the national speed limits for highways in Japan.

His hope was that keeping with these strategies will keep battery temperatures down and charging speeds up. In the end, he was able to improve his car's charge performance over his previous attempt at the same trip.


James provides battery temperatures before and after each charging session. The current state of charge and temperatures while driving are also provided during the drive.

If you already own or are interested in a Leaf, the video is a good watch for the amount of data presented. Check it out below:

Video Description via Lemon-Tea Leaf on YouTube:

On this trip to the Fully Charged Live Show how I kept the temperature down before hitting #rapidgate in the Nisan Leaf 2018 on my nonstop (except for charging) from Scotland to Milton Keynes. I had a chat with Nissan Customer Support.

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Scotland to Milton Keynes

Car start temp 17°c

air temp 12-16°c

376.1 miles


8:15 on the road

2 hours charging

29min composing myself between charge

As a few people have asked and it seems right to share with everyone the charging sheet I've been using is located here:

*Disclaimer all information in this sheet is a guide for long journey's in the Nissan Leaf 40kWh to help maintain and keep the temperature down. Any adverse effect or issues with your journey is the responsibility of the driver and in no way entitled to any refund or court proceedings with this free information. Have a safe journey and do let me know if this actually helped or if I just got lucky :)

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