Mixing electric cars and fine dining always seems like a good idea

Edmunds resident foodies, Senior Writer Mark Takahashi and Creative Video Strategist Rich Kuras, take us on a tour of their favorite South California eating joints, driving a long-term 2017 Tesla Model 3. The dynamic duo pay visit to 11 different restaurants across South Cali. Done in a span of a single day, they traverse 62.2 miles, testing the comfort, daily driving usability and range of the Model 3.

With Tesla' announcement of hitting 7,000 vehicles built per week just a few days ago, the Model 3 is once again taking the electric vehicle spotlight. Several news outlets are running long term tests and we're seeing an impressive amount of videos being posted every day. However, this short test drive is a bit different.

While this video is far away from a real-world automotive shakedown, it does give us a rather interesting take on Tesla's smallest model. Featuring lots of stop & go traffic, navigating both local streets and pretty packed Los Angeles highways, the Model 3 fairs rather well. While the crew's got some issues with the Model 3 - most notably the entry-level model which is non-existent right now - the vehicle does well, even on the rather bumpy 10 freeway in Los Angeles, notorious for rocky concrete seaming every step of the way.

The trip started in a peckishly familiar set of local dining spots in SoCal. It gives out of state viewers a tour of popular local eateries all the way from Sidecar Doughnuts in Santa Monica, all the way up to Westwood, where a sweet treat ending was played at the Saffron & Rose Ice Cream. In between mouthfuls, the crew covers a wealth of culinary influences and traditions at some epic L.A. area spots. The video of the two can be played above. But, we gotta warn you, if you're even remotely hungry, this video will most certainly make your mouth drool.