It turns out, a few aftermarket parts make this Tesla Model 3 a solid drifter.

We've been following Sasha Anis and his modified Tesla Model 3 for some time. Anis is a professional driver and owns Mountain Pass Performance, as well as On Point Dyno. As previously shared, he's added coilovers, large brakes, and upgraded wheels and tires to his Model 3, among some other tweaks. He also revealed that he's figured out how to override the car's traction control. This newest video shows what the car can achieve with the aftermarket upgrades.

In order to get this Model 3 to drift, Sasha disables its electronic stability control and traction control systems, while leaving the anti-lock braking system intact. This is all part of a "defeat" system that Sasha and his team have been able to create. The end result is not only a Model 3 that will pull off impressive slides, but a car that is just solid on the track overall.

Keep in mind that this vehicle is not Tesla's new Model 3 Performance with Track Mode. We can only imagine what fun Sasha will have if he gets his hands on the more powerful, dual-motor all-wheel-drive variant.

Video Description via Sasha Anis on YouTube:

We've been working hard on developing our stability control defeat module for the Tesla Model 3, and we were just able to also disable traction control while retaining ABS.

Below is Mountain Pass Performance's recent Instagram post, which isolates the drifting manuever in an attempt to share it with CEO Elon Musk:


Gallery: Watch This Tweaked Tesla Model 3 Drift


Gallery: Watch This Tweaked Tesla Model 3 Drift

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