...as owner gets ready for a road trip.

Summer is here and for many of us, that means road trips as we take advantage of accumulated vacation time. (Yay!) For the owner of one Tesla Model 3, this means preparing for a 1,500-mile journey by first checking to see if his car can carry all the various things he wants to bring along, as well as remounting the aero wheel covers his black beauty came with.

If you watched the video, you'll know he managed to stuff a bicycle, a pair of kites and boards for kitesurfing, backpacks, a live chicken, sleeping bags, and still had room for duffels bags in the front trunk. Very nice! Now, we know that some cars powered by gasoline (yuck) with fold-down rear seats can also accomplish this sort of feat. But, this site is all about cars with plugs, so it's nice to know that these new vehicles are at least as capable as those with 20th-century propulsion.

Besides loading up a ton of gear, our host from the Life with a Tesla Model 3 Youtube channel also re-fitted his car with the aerodynamic wheel covers that came with it. According to the automaker, these can increase range by 10 percent, though some experimenters have found that claim lacking. Either way, on a long journey, there is an efficiency improvement, so why not slap them back on. Usually, this is a pretty straightforward task but in this instance wheels caps had been installed and therefore needed to be removed first. This took some finessing.

So, all loaded up, our protagonist and his partner began the first leg of their trip up the California coast on the way to Oregon. It's a truly beautiful drive and the channel has already uploaded some video from it, so we've added it below as an extra bonus. Not just a travelogue, our driver also recounts an eerie ownership tale that involves nefarious geo-locating and a possible car theft attempt. Enjoy (and be careful out there)!

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