While Tesla CEO Elon Musk is spending all his time at the Fremont factory, the Tweets are rolling.

We heard from Musk all weekend long again. His Tweets and topics have been all over the map and sometimes it's difficult to know what he's even speaking about until you go back and gather up the context.

One rather peculiar exchange started when the CEO responded to a Tweet from 2016. Most of us know how quickly Twitter updates with a whole slew of new Tweets. Heck, just to find something from yesterday or even a few hours ago takes quite a bit of scrolling and searching, especially if it was a reply within a thread. Nonetheless, for some strange reason, Musk replied to a random quote from November 2016:

The more interesting part was where the Tweet reply headed, even though the subsequent exchange seemed to have nothing to do with the original context:

As you can read, there's more talk about short sellers. Not long ago, the CEO referred to the "short burn of the century," which was set to happen soon, and he wasn't just talking about flamethrowers. There's been a ton of speculation as to just what this might mean. Now, the timing lines up well with an announcement that should arrive after the quarter comes to a close.

Could Musk's Tweet have anything to do with Tesla finally reaching market cap and organizational milestones that factor into his compensation package? We know Model 3 production is up and rising. The Performance trim is coming off the assembly line early. The new line has arrived and is underway. Stock is up and has been rising. Not to mention the automaker just laid off 9 percent of its workforce in order to become profitable. In the weekend's barrage of Tweets, we also found a few more that may support the idea:

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