The aftermarket industry is gearing up with offerings for the world's most coveted mid-size electric sedan

The Tesla Model 3 is slowly becoming the world's hottest mid-size sedan. Thanks to its rather interesting looks, rather good performance factor and impressive range, it's a vehicle that is a highly coveted item. And in turn, many are already seen running on the streets out there. In turn, this results in some owners turning to the aftermarket industry to customize their rides to better suit their personal style.

With the Model 3, the only impactful addition you can make to its exterior is a set of wheels. Tesla - like almost every other car manufacturer - doesn't offer either the variety or the appeal of design for their wheels. Hence, aftermarket companies like Vossen Wheels are slated to thrive on this matter, providing owners with a wide variety of aftermarket wheel solutions for this vehicle.

This particular Midnight Silver Metallic Tesla Model 3 comes from EVS Motors, a Texas-based tuning powerhouse. The tuner installed a set of recently revealed Vossen HF-2 hybrid series forged wheels. These wheels are part of the Vossen Hybrid Forged Series wheel lineup. Providing an aggressive mesh design, they are a modern take on an age long Y-Spoke wheel design. These wheels work perfectly on anything from high-performance machines to supercars, but also, find their place perfectly on an up-and-coming mid-size electric sedan like the Model 3.

This Model 3 features wheels sized 20x9 in the front and 20x9 in the rear. The wheels feature a Satin Bronze finish, providing a welcome contrasting effect against the Midnight Silver Metallic exterior paint finish. Consequently, with more of these getting delivered each day, aftermarket options for customers are going to become even more popular. And the industry is responding in style.

You can grab a detailed look at the complete media gallery of this Model 3 right below.

Gallery: Midnight Silver Metallic Tesla Model 3 Gets Vossen Wheels

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