Auto Trader, which describes itself as the UK’s biggest, best and most trusted car-buying website, recently tested three electric cars - BMW i3s, Kia Soul EV and Renault ZOE.

In the overview, that could help one decide which city car to choose, Renault ZOE was considered the best because of its longest-range (real-world up to 300 km / 186 miles) and affordability.

The BMW i3s was also appreciated for its performance and standard equipment, but that comes at a price. In case of the Kia Soul EV, there were less advantages so it placed third.

  • #1 Renault ZOE: Affordable, Stylish & good to drive, Decent electric range
  • #2 BMW i3s: Sharp handling & performance, Plenty of standard equipment, More expensive than other EVs
  • #3 Kia Soul EV: Relaxed, comfortable drive, Kia's seven-year warranty, Low potential resale value

BMW i3s vs Kia Soul EV vs Renault ZOE (Source: Auto Trader)

BMW i3s vs Kia Soul EV vs Renault ZOE (Source: Auto Trader)

We note that the video could mislead you though because it shows the fast charging times to 80% of battery capacity of each car (60-minutes for ZOE, 33-minutes for Soul EV and 40-minutes for BMW i3s), and connecting the cars to AC charging stations. Well, only ZOE is using AC for fast charging at 22 kW three-phase.

The two other cars need a DC fast charger (50 kW) so don't expect such short charging times while plugging-in to the stations shown in the video (i3S and Soul EV require several hours to charge from an AC charging station).

"Racing driver Vicki Butler-Henderson, Millennial Rachael Hogg, and mum Erin Baker (REV!) are testing three of the UK's most popular electric cars, based on how people search for them at Auto Trader.

They're looking at how easily they can fit into your lifestyle, covering practicality, connectivity, and ride and handling. And because they’re EVs, charging time, range, and the perils of range anxiety."

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