In both May and June, Tesla Model 3 sales exceeded 6,000 units, but that's tiny compared to the explosion of sales in July.

The moment of true inclusion of electric cars in the mainstream is now here with the Model 3 blasting past all previous marks by leaps and bounds.

How high was July?

Well, instead of four-digit figures, we're now in the fives.

By our estimations, Tesla sold an astounding 14,250 Model 3s in July. Shocked? How can you not be? Of course, that's the highest ever for sales of a single plug-in electric car in any month.

That figure soundly beats the results from May and June combined (12,312) and propels the Model 3 into a lead for the year that won't be challenged by any other car. The YTD tally now stands at an estimated 38,617, which moves the Model 3 into first place all-time in annual sales, ahead of the old record of 30,200 LEAFs sold in 2014. And remember, there are still 5 months left in the year.

Moving on to the Tesla Model S and Model X...

These two plug-ins were outdone by their baby brother, but that's expected.

For July, we estimate the following for sales of these two Teslas:

  • Tesla Model S - 1,200 units in July
  • Tesla Model X  - 1,325 units in July
Both of those figures are down considerably from the June push, but close to in line with July 2017 sales for each of the two larger Teslas.

Tesla as a whole now holds a commanding lead in plug-in electric car sales for the year and will not be challenged by any other automaker for the YTD win.

Later this evening, Tesla will post it Q2 financials, followed by the call. Of course, InsideEVs will be on the call and our coverage will follow. We’d be extremely surprised if Tesla gave actual delivery numbers later today. Perhaps a market share chart, production numbers, etc. Some hints maybe, but we don't expect precise figures. If numbers are released, we'll update this post accordingly.

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