Tech Forum provides a detailed look at the overall driving experience in the Tesla Model 3.

This video provides a comprehensive look at the driving dynamics of the Model 3, among some other notable information. Tech Forum makes a concerted effort to point out some considerations about the popular Tesla sedan that haven't been given much media attention.

There are now plenty of Model 3 reviews out there, and a whole new stream will be coming in as soon as people get their hands on the dual-motor AWD and Performance variants. However, when it comes to the steering wheel, seating position, and overall driving takeaways, multiple opinions are appreciated and there's always potential to glean some new information.

Tech Forum's first observation is the Model 3's small steering wheel. He points out that this is preferred by many race drivers and he prefers it as well. The wheel can be smaller than it is in many other cars since there is no gauge cluster. In most cars, a larger steering wheel is often needed to assure that the driver can see through it to read the gauges.

In terms of seating position, the Model 3 driver's seat sits quite a bit higher than most cars (which makes sense due to the battery pack). This not only helps with outward visibility but also changes your perception of how the car handles. The concern is that it may make the car feel less sporty or agile since you sit low in most sports sedans. The video points out that though it's very obvious that you're sitting high, you get used to it and it doesn't hinder the driving experience.

In the reviewer's opinion, the ride quality of the car is excellent, as is the handling and cornering. Of all the cars he's owned or driven, he compares the ride to that of his Ford Fusion, even though the Model 3 handles more like a sportier compact sedan. The review goes on to discuss Autopilot, regen, ergonomics, steering feel, and more.

In the end, Tech Forum's biggest compliment is that once you've been behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3, driving many other cars just feels inadequate. After experiencing its torque, ride quality, visibility, and agility, most traditional cars just feel subpar.

Video Description via Tech Forum on YouTube:

In this video, we go in-depth driving the Model 3 and discuss the seating position, cornering, road feel, and overall driving experience.


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