Get out your stopwatch.

With the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance now being received into the loving embrace of owners, its abilities are being put to the test more and more. We've already seen one lucky owner seem to hit the official 0-to-60 acceleration number of 3.5 seconds. In this new video from David and Erik of the DÆrik YouTube channel, the guys have borrowed a freshly delivered car from a (very trusting) friend to try out its slingshot abilities and film their reactions. In the process, they appear to record some pretty impressive numbers.

Now, the runs aren't instrumented — we understand they will be doing some of those in the future — but we can see the readout of the display. They claim that the fastest run was an amazing 3.1 seconds. Unfortunately, our own attempts with the stopwatch don't reflect this, as we timed the 2nd, faster attempt at 3.56 seconds (feel free to try out your own stopwatches and let us know the results in Comments). Still, that's not too bad considering the car has a couple passengers and has only two-thirds of its battery charged. In the Tesla Model S P100D, the quickest times are obtained when the battery is within a few percentage points of being full.

Just as interesting as the shots of the people in the cabin, possibly, is a slow-motion look at a rear wheel as the car starts a sprint from a standstill. As they note, the body hunkers down a bit, but there's no real amount of spin, just steady acceleration.

If you want to get a better look at this particular Model 3, we have a bonus video below featuring a good look around the car as it sits in what is probably the most convincingly Tesla-themed garage in all the land. If you remember, these guys just had a solar roof, Powerwalls, and home charging stations installed, all coming from the Silicon Valley automaker. Enjoy!


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