BYD seems to be charging up for future U.S. sales.

BYD (BYD North America, to be precise) has joined CharIN, the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN e.V.) that supports CCS Combo charging system.

The Chinese manufacturer intends to give its customers a choice between the company’s proprietary charging system (Chinese type of plug) or a CCS Type compliant system.

Currently, BYD offers in the U.S. electric buses (over 200 sold) and electric trucks Class 6, Class 7, and Class 8. We assume that DC charging using SAE J1772 Combo (CCS 1) would be the way to go for further orders, especially since there is already equipment for a power level of 350 kW.

"BYD is bringing its clean energy expertise and experience to the CharIN coalition as it develops the Combined Charging System (CCS), an open, universal and international charging system for electric vehicles based on international standards. Standardization eliminates the need for a customer to invest in multiple charging systems."

Bobby Hill, Vice President of BYD North America, Coach and Bus said:

“CCS is currently the world’s only charging system that covers all charging scenarios with a single product, and our support of CCS will help pave the way for more efficient transportations solutions. As the largest producer of electric batteries in the world and the safest bus battery in the market, our membership in CharIN is an example of our continued efforts to advance and expand the electric vehicle ecosystem.”

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