The Fisker EMotion all-electric sports car was recently seen in Los Angeles and, as expected, it's a rather spectacular looking machine when spotted amongst regular cars.

Henrik Fisker gave it a short test drive and expressed his impatience on the upcoming solid-state batteries. This public display confirms one of the questions we asked of Henrik Fisker in a recent exclusive interview:

Is the prototype drivable, and if so, how much of the hardware/software that motivates it will be carried over into production?

  • Yes, not much, as we still have a lot of development to do.

The company claims that its solid-state cells show high durability during 5C charge/discharge cycles:

Insider news: Last week we did several cycles of 5C rates (12-minute charge, discharge) and our solid state cells recovered to 100% capacity. Now this is getting really exciting.

Moving on, the production EMotion will see its energy needs fulfilled by LG Chem batteries for now until solid-state technology is ready for commercialization.
Lastly, as for when we'll see production begin on the EMotion, Fisker responded to that question of ours too:

How far along is the engineering of the production version of the EMotion?

  • We have at least 20 more months to go, and we may delay the launch to incorporate our solid-state batteries from the start.

Fisker EMotion specs:

  • 400-mile range (145 kWh LG Chem battery)
  • 575 kW electric motors (all-wheel drive)
  • 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds
  • 161 mph top speed
  • starts from $129,000

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