The question of when Tesla might refresh or redesign its models is recurring and it can be looked at in multiple ways.

If you ask Tesla, you might be told there is no immediate need for any drastic redesign since the cars are updated on a constant basis. Tesla doesn't rely on a traditional model year system, but rather, updates are made regularly, whenever the automaker sees fit. However, this doesn't mean that the cars don't go through generational changes, refreshes, or eventual full redesigns.

For example, the Model S has been on the market since 2012 and has only seen one major refresh (2016 exterior update), yet Tesla says the sedan is in its third generation. Most people anticipating the Model S redesign continue to refer to the upcoming vehicle as a "second-generation" Model S, while others have coined it a "third-gen," due to the 2016 fascia change. Nonetheless, the whole situation can become a bit confusing.

The Tesla Model X arrived in 2015 and is still in its first generation. However, being that it rides on the same second-generation platform as the Model S and has shared the very recent interior update, it too could be considered "refreshed" to some degree. If you're more confused now, it really makes no difference, because the automaker's future plans for these vehicles is all that really matters at this point. The rest is just a discrepancy of words and definitions.

According to Electrek, internal documents reveal that Tesla will extend the life cycle of the current Model S and X through 2021. In order to make this happen, the automaker will begin production of the vehicles with a substantial interior overhaul during the third quarter of 2019.

This is not the timeline that many expected. Several stories and forum posts have pointed to a refresh or redesign coming soon. There is a regular opinion in Tesla circles that the update is long overdue, as well as much speculation surrounding Tesla beginning this process before the end of this year. However, with Model 3 production and profitability taking precedence at this point, it appears that we'll have to wait another year or more.

Additionally, if these reports are accurate, the updates will revamp the S and X interior to the more minimalistic styling and setup of the Model 3, but aside from that, there doesn't appear to be any other plans for a more significant redesign for another three years.


Gallery: Tesla Model S, X Refresh Not Happening Until Q3 2019


Gallery: Tesla Model S, X Refresh Not Happening Until Q3 2019

Source: Electrek

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