Well, 50% child car seat test and 50% dad having fun testing out Model 3 features.

The Tesla Model 3 seems to be a reasonably sized vehicle for a small family. Despite exterior dimensions a foot shorter than the Model S, the vehicles front and rear legroom are nearly identical to the larger Model S. The Model 3 also has a bit more headroom when fitted with a glass ceiling. But shoulder/hip room is a few inches less than the Model S. Could this present a problem for bulky full-size child car seats?

In the video below, a dad borrows a Model 3 from a friend to test it out with his daughter's child seat. Getting the seat in and latched seems simple enough based on the video. If you have 3 car seats/boosters, it might be a tight fit. But for one or two young children, the rear of the Model 3 provides plenty of room. In fact, there appears to still be enough space for 2 older kids as well.

Most importantly, dad points out that the car provides a very nice view for any rear seat passengers!


After a short drive in the car, the calm electric drive seems to lull his daughter to sleep. So I'd say that's a thumbs up from the daughter and from the dad.

While I don't have any kids or a Model 3 yet, I'd say it looks like a good family sedan. For any owners out there, how well do you find it works for your family? Is there enough passenger and cargo space to chauffeur your whole family in style?

Check out the video below:

Video Description via Bryce on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Child car seat review


I'd like to think my friend Colby for coming over and letting us take a ride in his Tesla. My daughter really enjoyed it and it was neat to see if the car seat would work in the back.


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