This Tesla Model 3 zips past a Mustang GT with ease.

Yes, this is a street race ... sort of. It was filmed on a public road in Mexico as a precursor to an upcoming quarter-mile race on a track. Fortunately, no laws were broken here since the two simply took off at a green light and accelerated to the speed limit. If you know anything about electric cars and torque, especially in regards to Tesla vehicles, this is surely the type of race the popular electric cars are equipped to win.

Interestingly, based on these two cars' factory specs, the 2015 Mustang GT should easily top the Long Range Model 3 in this challenge. The GT can pull off a 4.4-second 0-60-mph sprint, while the Model 3 does it in 5.1. Nonetheless, the Model 3's crazy torque is evident once the driver finally steps on the accelerator pedal. It almost looks as though the video goes into fast-forward as the Model 3 heartily zooms past the Mustang.

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Video Description via TeslaExposed on YouTube:

Recording was with GoPro Hero 6 in sport mode active hence faster pixels and video seem speeded up bc unfortunately YT upload limit this file functions/quality. This wasn’t an official race in any means and filmed in TJ Mexico. A teaser video in prep for a real race for quarter mile on race track, clip coming soon.

Check out the video below, which goes into detail about TeslaExposed's Model 3 modifications and upgrades:


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