Geek alert! This is not a drill!

Want to see the Tesla Model 3 exploded? No, not "exploded" as in blown up with dynamite — though no doubt there are some who would like to see that as well. More like one of those technical drawings where an object (like a motor, for instance)  is shown with all its constituent parts separated and shown in relation to each other. Yes? Then, you'll want to click on the video above and see the mid-sized Tesla ripped apart. You know, for research.

You guy behind the Ingineerix YouTube channel has been wowing us with videos he's produced after getting a hold of a salvage Model 3 and taking it apart. In this latest episode, he shows us all the components that come installed in the car, but without the shell of the car to get in the way. Not only does he walk us through all the assorted pieces, we also learn the sundry places in which the components are stashed.

For instance, did you know the Wi-Fi antenna is hidden in the beam that runs between the B pillars? There all kinds of similar discoveries to be made. Besides seeing what is where, it also notes a few things that aren't there at all. Apparently, the Model 3 uses MOSFETs and current detectors instead of fuses to help regulate the 12-volt system. Huh.

Another interesting tidbit? How about the fact that the restraint control module, which uses it gyrometer and accelerometer to provide input to the airbag and other safety systems, also sends info to the computer running the drive unit to help enable traction and yaw control. Brilliant! Let us know what you found most interesting or revealing in the Comments. Enjoy!

From the video description:

I keep getting asked how I am gleaning all this knowledge about the Model 3 and it's systems. Most of my knowledge is derived simply from intense study of all the 3's systems, inside and out. The best way for me to get access to every system in the car is to basically remove it's body and all non-essential parts which block access. I have done this; Exploded a Model 3 right here on my shop floor! Now you get the grand tour!

WARNING: Do not ask me how to obtain access to the hidden menus shown. Unfortunately there is no simple way for one to access them, Tesla has went to great lengths to keep people out. Getting access involved warranty-voiding techniques on the ICE circuit board, including soldering, and is very risky to attempt on your $50k+ car.

Source: YouTube

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