Will that figure exceed 50% soon?

In June, Tesla sold some 11,362 electric cars in the U.S., according to IEVs estimations, and that's enough to achieve a new record share for the plug-in market.

Believe it or not 45% of all plug-in cars sold last month (25,179) were Tesla cars, and that's when you include plug-in hybrids. Limiting it to just BEVs (14,612), Tesla dominated the market at nearly 78%.

The previous peak months were September 2016 (44%) and March 2016 (42%).

Because we expect that Tesla Model 3 production should be above 5,000 a week for most of this month, there should not be a problem with exceeding 50% share among all plug-in cars in the U.S.

The question is how high could that figure reach this year - 60%, 70%?

Tesla Model S/X Sales in U.S. - June 2018

Tesla Model S/X Sales in U.S. - June 2018

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