You really have to trust your Tesla vehicle's Summon Mode feature to attempt this.

The Tesla Model S is not a small car, so sometimes parking it is a chore. We're not only talking about dealing with tight spaces in parking lots in which you can barely exit the vehicle, but also residences with accommodations that weren't built for such a large car.

This video shows one such parking spot that is incredibly tight for the Model S. It's so tight that at times it looks as though the car's fenders may get scratched. Nonetheless, the Tesla Summon Mode feature succeeds in parking the car in the cramped carport.

Some might say the owner was quite brave (or crazy) to attempt this with an $80K sedan. But hey, it probably makes more sense to trust a computer and sensors to pull it off without incident than to think a human could do it. We can't imagine that most human drivers would fare better, let alone trust themselves to even try.

We're wondering if there will be a follow-up video showing the car's exit. It sure would be a mess if the Model S refused to Summon out. That would put the owner in a really tight spot in more ways than one.

Video Description via Alex Bell P. on YouTube:

Wanted to know if Tesla Modes will fit in my super narrow parking space :) Thanks to Tesla Brooklyn, I now know the answer!


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