What is the hottest gift idea for your friend or family member this year? Not-A-Flamethrower, that's for sure.

In between his boring day job at Tesla Motors and SpaceX, Elon Musk occasionally pursues his true passion: selling hats and flamethrowers Not-A-Flamethrowers. Many of us initially assumed this would just remain a joke on Twitter. But that wouldn't be like Elon at all, would it? So here we are today in a post Not-A-Flamethrower world.

So, what does Elon Musk expect you to use the totally Not-A-Flamethrower for? Mostly practical things like toasting marshmallows, lighting your fireplace, surviving the zombie apocalypse, and... soothing your baby.


Okay I'll be honest, I don't get the appeal. But for those looking to channel their inner Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor with a totally unnecessary piece of equipment that they'll never use? This will absolutely fit the bill. If nothing else, it will be an interesting conversation piece.


Youtube user DÆrik of teslainventory.com attended a recent boring company event where he received his Not-A-Flamethrower and says he had loads of fun. The first 1,000 units have now been delivered according to Elon Musk on Twitter.

At the event, buyers had the opportunity to take the flamethrowers for a test drive, toasting marshmallows over an open flame. There was also a live mariachi band so that's cool. Attendees were also treated to presentations regarding SpaceX and Hyperloop.

Maybe the Not-A-Flamethrower is Not-For-Me but it might be for you. So if you've got money to burn in the most spectacular fashion possible, check out this unboxing video below:


Video Description via DÆrik on YouTube:

Huge Thanks to Corey for filming everything! Check him out here: https://www.instagram.com/cocoscameras/

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