Renault just delivered its first all-electric Master Z.E. vans, tailor-made for mainly last-mile delivery fleet companies and city fleets.

Two copies entered service in PostNL, a mail, parcel and e-commerce corporation in the Netherlands, which by the end of this year will receive a total of 17 Master Z.E.

PostNL aims to become zero-emission by 2025, which means a lot more EV orders are to come.

The French electric vans shares the 33 kWh battery with much smaller Kangoo Z.E. Real-world range is estimated at 75 miles (120 km).

Renault said also that in UK deliveries are expected next winter.

Renault Master Z.E.

Renault Master Z.E.

"PostNL aims to achieve CO2-free deliveries in 25 inner cities where it operates by 2025, and the Renault Master Z.E. is already proving to be the ideal way to achieve this.

The new Renault Master Z.E. is equipped with the latest generation 33kWh lithium-ion battery. As a result, the commercial vehicle is able to realise a real-world range of approx. 75 miles, which makes it ideal for ‘last mile deliveries’ in inner cities. The interior of the Master Z.E. has been carried across from the Master to provide a mobile office, while the battery charges in just six hours with a 7.4kW charger. The Renault Master Z.E. will be available in six versions with loading space of between 8 and 13 m2. PostNL will use a fleet of seventeen Renault Master Z.E. models by the end of 2018."

Liesbeth Kaashoek, Packages and Logistics director at PostNL:

“PostNL likes to invest in sustainability. For instance, our package distribution centres are constructed using the most sustainable materials and also feature solar panels on the roof. We are also updating our vehicle fleet thanks to various models of electrical bikes, scooters and cars. We are thus proud to be the first company to drive with the Renault Master Z.E. in Europe. This means our packages will be delivered emission-free in the inner cities of Utrecht and Leeuwarden, and other cities will follow soon.”

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