Nissan is expanding its e-share mobi car-sharing service in Japan, which was launched in January 2018 with the new LEAF and Note e-POWER.

The service started in January with 30 stations and is gradually being expanded.

Through a new partnership with retailer Kohnan Shoji, Nissan will add 100 new e-share mobi locations by the end of March 2019, which we assume will amount to hundreds of cars and thousands of drivers that will get a chance to drive electric.

By then end of the current fiscal year (March 2019), Nissan plans to have total 500 e-share mobi locations in Japan.

While the Nissan LEAF is all-electric, the Note e-POWER is a series-hybrid type without plug-in capability.

"The service lets customers use the new Nissan LEAF electric car or the Nissan Note e-POWER for periods of as little as 15 minutes. It will be available at about a third of Kohnan’s home center stores in the country by the end of March 2019, the companies announced today.

The expansion will give more customers the chance to experience the advanced Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies of the 100% electric LEAF and the Note e-POWER, which features an electric powertrain. The service combines Nissan’s leadership in vehicle electrification with its commitment to developing new mobility services, including car-sharing and robo-taxi ride-hailing."

"Adding the service at Kohnan’s stores will make it easier for customers who don’t have cars to bring home large items they’ve purchased. Each of the new stations will also have an electric car charger, further contributing to the promotion of electric vehicles."

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