In Japan, Nissan doesn't complain about the lack of interest in the new LEAF, as sales more than doubled year-over-year during the first five months of 2018.

In May, 1,765 LEAFs were sold (up 160%) so the YTD number went up to 13,124 (with average growth of 127%).

Nissan already sold more than 20,000 second-generation LEAFs in Japan, and over 100,000 total, including the first-gen LEAF.

With nearly 1,600 sales in the U.S. and over 900 in Canada, as well as roughly 2,800 in Europe, we believe that overall result for the month of May for LEAF sales is no less than 7,000.

As Tesla already sells more than 6,000 Model 3 a month, May could be the last time when LEAF checks in at a level above the Model 3.

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