Build quality was one of the biggest user qualms, but Tesla seems to be dealing with it accordingly

For the most part, the Tesla Model 3 is a car loved throughout its ownership base. It comes with a snappy electric powertrain, it features an interesting design and comes with lots of room for such a small vehicle. It's one of the best looking EVs on the market today. Furthermore, the general hype surrounding it has been answered with an equally impressive product by the U.S car maker. While users had to wait a significant amount of time to receive their car after the deposit was made, they are quite thrilled with it.  However, for some users, the build quality and soundproofing were the main qualms they had with this vehicle, pushing Tesla to deal with it accordingly.

In the recent year, there were a lot of rave reviews from owners, but the Model 3 didn't really stack up that well with professional reviewers. This is completely understandable: while private customers are almost uniquely impressed by the vehicle, taken over by storm due to their highly awaited car's arrival, professionals do tend to look at things a bit differently.

A Green Car Reports review, posted on March 8 about a Model 3 it tested in February, went all out, calling the build quality "appalling": Tesla Model 3 quality is terrible, but will it matter to buyers?" There was also a video review from Munro & Associates back in February and it wasn't pretty as well. Furthermore, we've even heard owners complain about some of these items, which most positively pushed Tesla Motors to bring their QC up a notch. And the results are showing.

As you will see in a video below, done by Bjørn Nyland, a trusted Tesla video blogger, most of these issues have been resolved. Bjorn gives us an in-depth look at this Model 3's paint finish, alignment of the rear boot, but most notably, the improved soundproofing found on this all-new Model 3. To see the complete short rundown, press play on the video above.

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