Take a close look at the Tesla Model 3 Performance in 4K.

Now that the 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance has arrived and test drives are available in some locations, we're getting a wave of new videos and images. Mainstream reviews are beginning to stream in as well, but sometimes these short walkaround videos are preferred for getting a quick look at the car's most notable features. This particular share is better than most since it's presented in 4K.

According to Tesla, the first Model 3 Performance deliveries will begin in late July, which is right about now. Several of these vehicles were already delivered to multiple Tesla stores for test drives. The dual-motor, all-wheel-drive, Performance variant starts at $64,000, however, the vehicle in this video costs $72,000. It's equipped with the Performance package ($5,000), white interior ($1,500), and premium paint ($1,500). The package adds niceties like aluminum alloy pedals, a carbon fiber rear spoiler, and 20″ wheels.

If you're ready to configure and order your own Model 3, follow this link for more information.

The above video comes to us courtesy of PerfEV on YouTube.

PerfEV is a brand-new channel with only two videos thus far, both of which are from a recent test drive of the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Below is PerfEV's longer, test-drive walkaround video of the Model 3 Performance. The publication had hoped to get some footage during the drive. Unfortunately, Tesla did not allow this since there are safety concerns. The rule even applies if the person taking photos is in the passenger seat and someone else is driving.

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