With Ford's recent announcement of cutting most all cars out of its future lineup, designer Henrik Fisker got to thinking, perhaps an electric truck or SUV should be the focus?

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Knowing Fisker and how he likes to stay ahead of trends, he quickly drew up this and posted it to Twitter:

We'd welcome an electric truck or SUV first over the other car Henrik is working on, which is the Fisker eMotion, a car that's much less versatile than say a mid-size truck or 2- or 3-row SUV.

eMotion is still a couple of years away from production, so we don't expect to see this sketched-up electric SUV come to life anytime soon. However, we will say that whoever is first with a long-range electric truck or SUV (not priced at $100,000-ish like the Tesla Model X) will see sales of that particular vehicle shoot up through the roof.

So, who will be first with this fully electric, 300-mile truck/SUV priced at let's say under $60,000?

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