Electric cars and factories and solar panels, oh my!

Tesla famously doesn't advertise. At least, not in the traditional sense. Your favorite TV show is never interrupted by its cars luring an attractive mate by way of Ludicrous mode to an impossibly fantastic sunset.

Tesla 2018

What it does do, besides large, lavish reveal parties that garner lots of attention from the press, is make the occasional video. Many of these are customer testimonials, and sometimes it's just robots building the Model X with a symphonic soundtrack.

Its latest opus just dropped tonight, and it's worth the minute and forty-seven seconds to watch. Titled "Tesla 2018," it's basically a celebration of all things Tesla and the people who make them (with the help of robots).

There are lots of looks at the Model 3, and the Model S and Model X make appearances.  Besides the vehicles it currently offers for sale, there is also footage featuring its Semi and Roadster. And, lest we forget that the California automaker is about a lot more than building vehicles. There are shots of Tesla solar panels and Powerwalls.

The new clip came to our attention after CEO Elon Musk shared it on Twitter. Tweeted he:

While it won't make the world forget about the many different struggles the company is going through as it stumbles to either profitability or bankruptcy (depending on who you ask), it is a reminder that this is an outfit with over 30,000 employees with its fingers in many pies as it tries to shape the future of transportation, along with solar energy production and storage.

UPDATE: If you liked the part of this production where the mustangs canter across a ridge high above the Gigafactory 1 site, you're in luck. Tesla has tweeted out a longer edit of this scene. Enjoy!



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Source: YouTube

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