Soon, the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV will arrive, and we have some valuable information to share.

The upcoming model year marks Chevy's third rendition of its long-range all-electric vehicle. As expected, this is still a first-generation model and not due for any redesign or notable refresh. However, going into another model year, with the second-generation far off, GM is compelled to offer up a few minor updates.

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We figure that if it's going to be another seven model years before the next-gen Bolt arrives, Chevy should provide a few major refreshes, perhaps a range improvement, and some type of powertrain update. But, that's not happening now and may not be the case before 2025. We'll have to wait and see.
2019 Chevy Bolt Gets Minor Updates - No Range Improvement

For this model year update, new paint colors are the most obvious change. These include Green Mist Metallic, Shock, and Slate Gray Metallic. The names of two give us some idea what the color may look like, and GM uses those colors on some other vehicles, but who knows what Shock is?

If you follow the GM link at the bottom of the page there are more details, but sadly, there is no image provided when you click on the new colors. Of course, there are images of the other colors, though we've already seen those.

Other changes include a new smartphone interface that has features for vehicle entry, start, operation, and car sharing. At least that's what the GM page provides. It's not very clear exactly what any of this is, but it all has to do with increased connectivity and app reliance. Additionally, the Driver Confidence II Package is now available on the LT trim.

As Electrek reported, some of these features are already available through GM's Maven car-sharing network and may allow Bolt owners to engage in car-sharing through the service.

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The 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV should hit dealers prior to the end of 2018. When more information and clarification becomes available, we will keep you apprised.

Follow the GM Fleet link below for more information.

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