It was only a matter of time before we'd get to see the Tesla Model 3 Performance and Dual-Motor AWD configurator live.

For all the Tesla Model 3 reservation holders out there or those that have big plans to put a deposit down, we have our first look at Tesla's online Design Studio with the new options in place. This way, if you haven't had an opportunity to start your configuration or were waiting until these new choices were made available, you can see firsthand exactly what it all looks like and how to go about the process.

We pointed out earlier on that some of the future options had been added and we're sure that more will be added soon enough. However, below are some of the first videos that actually afford you an opportunity to go through the Model 3 configurator step by step with the additional choices.

Video Description via Tri's Garage on YouTube:

More options have been added to the Tesla Model 3 Configurator. Join me as I go over the new Performance Model 3 Dual Motor.

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

I have the best subscribers on YouTube. Shane let me into his design studio to configure a Performance Model 3 to see the cost and share with the awesome Tesla community. Enjoy

Surely enjoy these shares and let us know on our Forum or in the comment section if you're a Model 3 reservation holder. Do you plan to follow through? Which variant are you considering? Have you placed an order?

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