Top Gear offered up some answers to recent questions submitted by readers about the Tesla Model 3 readers, and at least one is pretty silly.

In a recent piece entitled - "Driving a Tesla Model 3: your questions answered!" - Top Gear fills readers in on what it says are some things that people may want to know about the new car. The publication recently had access to a media car for a full review, which generated many questions in the comment section. Leave it to these guys to choose just the right questions to turn into an article.

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The first question:

Given that this is Top Gear asking the question, how well does it do driving through an abandoned city while being chased by post-apocalyptic hordes while live raccoons run around the interior?

Top Gear didn't really even answer this one, but chose to showcase it at the front of the article. The response included something about "limited raccoon availability" along with an accusation that the question must have been a joke from CEO Elon Musk himself.
Tesla Model 3 Q & A - Is It Post-Apocalyptic Ready?

Once we get past the attempt at comedy, Top Gear goes on to provide some honest insight in the form of answers to eight more realistic questions. We've highlighted that information below:

  • The Model 3 leads its rivals in terms of interface and connectivity, which appeals to today's "screen" infatuation
  • A Model 3 test drive may just convince people to make the switch to an EV
  • Fit and finish were top-notch, but it was a "media" car
  • Cabin materials aren't as good as they could be, but the screen, tech, and glass roof up the ante
  • Although the car seems more like a gadget at first, Tesla did a stellar job making it a joy to drive and it's clearly engineered well
  • Of course, the Easter Eggs are a gimmick, but most other tech is necessary and useful
  • You get used to watching your speed on the screen, though a head-up display would make much more sense
Top Gear left one question sort of unanswered ... or a cliffhanger if you will. A commenter inquired about a comparison to the Jaguar I-Pace. Top Gear's response:

Watch this space…

Source: TopGear


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