Remember, just hit up Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter if you want to see some progress. He may just respond and move forward.

If would be unfair to say that Musk responds to all requests on Twitter. And, if people really believed that, it's likely that there would be such a barrage of demands that it would become ridiculous. He may not even have time to read them all at this point, but it sure seems like he makes the time.

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It may be more realistic to say that in comparison to just about any other CEO we can think of, Tesla's unconventional leader interacts with people on social media much more than the norm. Let's not forget about when he sent a note to Bria Loveday and it turned into a pretty big spectacle and a major competition. How about the time he thanked Tesla owners and asked them to provide replies with ideas to improve the company.

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It's no secret that Tesla is working on its European expansion efforts. However, apparently, Iceland may not have been on the current "to do list." Twitter user 'A Tesla in ICEland' (gotta love the handle) explained to the CEO that the country deserves a service center, perhaps even more than other countries like Denmark and Finland that already enjoy Tesla's presence.

While Iceland is not densely populated (350,000), according to this owner, more Tesla vehicles were sold there than in the other countries. A large chunk of Iceland's citizens reside in our near Reykjavík, where an EV could work well for them due to the fact that many tend to stay situated in a smaller geographic area. It turns out that most are not traversing the country on a regular basis or in need of a long-range car.

Only a couple thousand plug-ins were sold in Iceland last year, but that's still a whopping 15 percent of all vehicle sales in the country. This puts Iceland on the list as a top adopter.

Without having any time to do his homework and validate the claim (Musk responded in three minutes), Tesa's CEO replied that he will expedite the situation. So, if his word is good, Tesla will open a service center in Iceland sooner rather than later.

Source: Electrek

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