So says Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but why then did it appear to be a targa when revealed?

This is very close to what Musk stated back in April 2017, but now following the reveal of the next-gen Roadster, it's of importance again.

Why? Well, that depends on how you define convertible.

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In our eyes, a modern-day hardtop convertible converts with the push of a button to expose all of the cabin to the open air environment. The vehicle shown by Tesla at the reveal seemed to have a removeable hardtop, what we'd consider a targa or targa top. Furthermore, it only removes to expose the front two seats to the elements.

See for yourself -

Next-Gen Tesla Roadster To Be Hard Top Convertible - Not Targa From Reveal?

Perhaps we're digging too deep here or maybe Musk misspoke, but are we now to believe the next-gen Roadster will forego this targa setup and instead become a convertible when it shows up in production form?

Here's the latest Musk Tweet on the next-generation Tesla Roadster confirming it as a hardtop convertible, though it's not clear if this setup will be optional or standard, or targa as we've already seen.

roadster tweet