Wait for it...wait for it....

Being married to a comedian would be fun, right? Well, what if the funny guy in question is also a practical jokester?  While we do have sympathy for Marna Haugen, the spouse of Norwegian comedian Ørjan Burøe, we kind of love watching his shenanigans as well. And her reactions.

Check out this this short clip to see what we mean. Roll tape!

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While we realize this clip is only tangentially related to electric vehicles — a Tesla Model X provides both the setting and the acceleration — we thought that, with so much not-so-fun stuff happening the world over, a little levity is might be appreciated. And, since no feelings or upholstery were harmed in the making of this video, why not?

If you got a chuckle from that, you're in luck. We've embedded another not-so-dissimilar clip of the couple for your enjoyment below. You're welcome!

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Finally, a word of warning. Not every spouse is as accommodating as Miss Haugen here, and so a warning: do not, we repeat, DO NOT try this at home.


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