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We were busy at work at our Deerfield Beach, FL facility when a charming gentleman walked in with his dog named Anya (a Sheltie with blue eyes) and a box of chocolates. Wesley introduced himself and began to tell us his very heartwarming story.

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Above: Wesley stands next to his Tesla Model 3 as his dog Anya stays right by his side (Photo: EVANNEX)

Wesley is 83-years old and he drives a brand new silver metallic Model 3. He explained to us that he got his car in March of 2018. He suspects that he is the oldest Model 3 owner. He lives in Fremont, California — just five miles from the Tesla factory.

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We asked Wesley why he drove all the way across the U.S. to Florida. He explained that he had been taking care of his wife Marilyn for 10 years. She suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and Wesley lovingly cared for her at home. This responsibility was a full-time job. Shortly after Marilyn died, Wesley took ownership of his Tesla Model 3.

Above: Wesley and Anya like the look of our red Wheel Bands product after testing it out on one wheel (Photo: EVANNEX)

He was now free of all responsibility and decided to embark on a journey that was always a dream of his — he would drive across the country in his very first all-electric vehicle, from Fremont, CA to Vero Beach, FL, where Wesley was born and raised. He set up a month-long visit with close friends and family that he hadn’t seen in years. It turns out he also wanted to pay a visit to EVANNEX, to discuss some product ideas and pick up a few of our Model 3 products.

We asked Wesley about his cross-country drive. He said it was easy and very enjoyable. Although he is fairly computer savvy, he wasn't very knowledgeable about the technology in the car. But he learned quickly on the journey. Finding Tesla's Supercharger stations was straightforward. He used the GPS, which was very helpful, although he experienced a few glitches (here and there). We told him Tesla's software updates should soon solve those issues.

Above: My son Matt joins Wesley and Anya for a photo before he embarks on his trip back across the country to Fremont, CA (Photo: EVANNEX)

Wesley told us, "I love driving my Model 3... I definitely will get rid of my 2012 Prius after this cross-country trip!" He and his dog Anya have enjoyed their experience on the road, and are getting ready to head back to Fremont. We, at EVANNEX, feel very fortunate to have been part of that very special journey.


*Editor's Note: Although you may have read a bit about the father and sons that manage the family business here at EVANNEX, this blog post's author, Barbara Pressman (Roger's wife), also plays a key role in the company. She drives to work in her Model X and helps with shipping, inventory management, product ideas, and lots more. Barbara works part-time at EVANNEX as she's busy with another gig — being the world's best Grandma.

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