Car insurance rates are rising considerably and premiums for the Tesla Model S are higher than most cars.

From 2010-2016, auto insurance premiums rose some 33 percent and they've climbed even higher over the past few years. Many variables determine your car insurance premiums, such as age, driving record, and geographic location. However, the car you choose could have a drastic impact.

Insurance costs by vehicle, as well as claim frequency, are collected and reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), which is a non-profit that's funded via auto insurance companies. Its data reveals that insurance companies pay an average of $900 in claims per vehicle per year. Many vehicles fall in the ~$600 per year range, while others average claim costs that are over double that figure.

Financial news, commentary, and analytical website 24/7 Wall St. (per USA Today) pointed out today's 25 cars that cost the most to insure. As expected, many of the most expensive rates were for large or midsize luxury vehicles. The more expensive the vehicle, the better chance it will cost you more to insure. The Tesla Model S is the most expensive car to insure on the new list, with average annual rates at $1,789.48 and average annual collision rates at $1,310.40. Please note that the source article specifics, "To avoid repetition, each model nameplate was listed only once, and the more expensive version to insure is always listed.”

Tesla vehicles are not only classified as luxury, they're also all-electric (which pushes the price up further), repair costs are exorbitant, and then there's the whole Autopilot situation. In some cases, we've heard that having Autopilot means an insurance discount. Less accidents and less chance of injury mean lower premiums. In other cases, insurers could expect higher premiums due to fear that drivers will not use the system properly or the technology could have the potential to fail.

Added to this, Tesla vehicles accelerate very quickly. Sports cars and other fast cars can be more expensive to insure for reasons similar to the above. If drivers don't exercise caution and restraint or are unfamiliar with handling such power, it can lead to accidents.

Tesla is currently working with insurance companies in order to set up plans to curtail these high rates for its vehicles. We will be providing more information and specifics on that this week.

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Source: USA Today


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