Inside EVs was granted exclusive permission to reveal the all-new 2018 Tesla Model X P100D T Largo Limited Edition Package by T Sportline.

With so many more Tesla vehicles on the road due to the Model 3, T Sportline has been ramping up its efforts and revealing several new, incredible offeringsHowever, this new wide-body Model X P100D takes the cake. Don't worry, T Sportline will release something else soon enough that's equally impressive. If the utility of Tesla's all-electric SUV is right up your alley, but you weren't sold on its styling, you can thank T Sportline ... problem solved!

Without further ado, check out this gorgeous beast. This is your opportunity to see it ahead of the rest of the world and get your pre-order reservation in before it's too late.

Introducing the 2018 Tesla Model X P100D T Largo Limited Edition Package by T Sportline

  • Created by the T Sportline Design Team
  • Eye catching sporty finish to include a carbon fiber wide-body crafted from pre-impregnated carbon fiber with 22” forged wheels.
  • Only 20 “T Largo” Model X will be produced by pre-order reservation only.
T Sportline is now offering the most exciting and sporty Model X packages on the market. The Tesla Model X limited edition “T Largo” package series is now available to the public, along with the commencement of the first of just 20 commissioned builds.

Exclusive to the P100D Tesla Model X, “T Largo” is a unique transformation that abandons the Model X’s family friendly aura in favor of an uncompromising and aggressive attitude while still retaining the Model X’s inherent driving pleasure and its industry leading technological user experience.

“T Largo” was built for our most ambitious clients who like to stand out of the herd. As a result, this extraordinary creation is the culmination of T Sportline’s vision and skills, which brings to life a new chapter for the Tesla Model X P100D. Each vehicle upgrade package is built out of our Los Angeles facility, and clients can either bring us their preexisting Tesla Model X P100D, or contact us for assistance in ordering a Tesla Model X P100D.

Headlining the Limited Edition “T Largo” package features a new carbon fiber widebody kit spanning over 2” on each side. Each “T Largo” transformation includes a new front apron, front bumper duct, widebody overfenders, wide side skirts, rear diffuser, and a rear wing cover crafted from pre-impregnated carbon fiber in an autoclave. The Limited “T Largo” edition also includes a new set of twenty spoke 22-inch forged wheels and Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires, which are not for purchase outside of this program.

All “T Largo” Model X vehicle commissions will be unique and built exactly to client spec with T Sportline’s full range of bespoke services based on the customer’s need–including Custom Paint, our Custom Interior Program, Complete Vehicle Wrapping, Custom Audiophile Sound Upgrades, Brake Caliper Color Changes, Chrome Delete, Ceramic Window Tinting, Paint Protection Film, Upgraded Interior Trim Décor, and even a Ticket Avoidance Systems. Each “T Largo” vehicle will also include a custom laminated dash décor on the passenger side with vehicle number.

T Sportline welcomes all prospective buyers to explore the possibilities of the T Largo program by contacting us at (866) 991-4776 or via email at T Sportline is proud to be the World’s First Tesla Tuner. We are focused on designing Tesla accessories and bespoke Teslas for customers from all over the world.

*Saturday, June 2, 2018, T Sportline will release this information to the public. Once it's live, you will be able to see additional info by clicking here.

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