Watch as the Autopilot system on this Tesla Model X detects a lane ending and an abruptly merging semi-truck.

We recently shared YouTuber Jeremy Visnesky's video capture of a semi crossing the line and Autopilot reacting. He feels that had the semi-autonomous system not alerted and reacted, he may have been in an accident. This newest video paints an even better picture of how successful Tesla Autopilot can be in certain situations.

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As you can clearly see from the above video, the lane comes to an end rather quickly. It almost appears as if two lanes come to an end, but this is because of the additional on-ramp lane that is shortened.

The Tesla Model X driver can't see that the lane is suddenly ending since he's about to drive past a large semi. However, the Autopilot system seems well aware of the lane situation and also detects the merging truck. The system's chime informs the driver and he's able to make a safe move.

Had he not been warned in advance, there's a chance he could have veered more aggressively at the last minute. This is surely a recipe for disaster, especially when traveling at high speeds.

Jeremy notes that the truck comes over rather abruptly and without using a turn signal. At least that's how it looks to him as he's following. But, honestly, it really just appears that the semi driver is casually following the ending lane. Generally, people don't signal when a lane ends.

Regardless, this is more proof that a system like Tesla Autopilot can help driver awareness in some situations. While many of us consider ourselves safe, alert drivers, we all know there are many people out there that are distracted or simply not paying enough attention. Systems like Autopilot could help keep these drivers save (or keep you safe from such drivers).

Video Description via Jeremy Visnesky on YouTube:

Driving the Model X in Richmond VA and the right lane ends. I cannot see the land ending because the truck is blocking the view. The truck did not put on any turn signal etc. just merged the second the land ended with no warning. Auto Pilot slowed the car a little and then I disabled and went around.

Source: Teslarati

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