Six planes flew in from Europe. On board those planes are the final pieces in the Tesla Model 3 production bottleneck puzzle.

Yesterday, via an exchange on Twitter, it was discovered that six planes carrying Grohmann automation components and robots were in route to the Tesla factory from Europe.

We should note that seldom is air transport used by automakers, as it's incredibly costly. Cargo ship is the preferred method, but Musk and Tesla are obviously rushing this shipment, so air was chosen.

Those planes have now landed and their cargo contains parts for a new production line for battery module zone 4 at the Gigafactory. Zone 4 is the last in need of an overhaul. Once complete, production of the Tesla Model 3 could theoretically reach 6,000 units per week, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

It's believed that the parts will arrive at the Gigfactory later this week, indicating that trucks will be loaded up soon and hit the road from California to the battery factory outside of Reno, Nevada.

Earlier, Musk had stated that two of the Gigafactory's four battery module zones had some serious issues. One of those two was fixed previously. These inbound parts will fix the fourth and final zone, which means soon Model 3 production should be able to reach capacity.

It's believed that zone 4 will be fixed sometime after next month, as Musk is/was confident Model 3 production could hit 5,000 units per week in June, even without the fourth zone issues corrected.

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