Further details have emerged of the 'Mario Kart' race format that Formula E is considering implementing for the 2018/19 season, and which has been given the working title 'Hyperboost'.

The system, which was exclusively first revealed by Autosport, is being evaluated as a way to retain an entertaining strategy element when FE switches to its Gen2 machinery next season and dispenses with car swaps.

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The hyperboost system - which is understood will be given a different title should it come into effect - has been presented to the FE sporting working group, and a copy of the proposal has been seen by Autosport.

It is understood that further changes and refinements will be made to the system in the coming months, including a new name.

While FE CEO and founder Alejandro Agag could not previously confirm any details of the system, he did describe it as potentially being "like Mario Bros when they get the little star and go faster."

The early proposals - which still need full approval and verification from the FIA - indicate that after drivers run over a dedicated zone, a clearly-marked offline section approximately 10 metres in length at one corner per circuit, they will be able to use a higher power mode.

The location of the zone would vary for each circuit, with trackside digital screens proposed to indicate the area to fans.

It is suggested that hyperboost will only become active two laps into each race and will not be available during the final two tours.

Drivers would need to activate a switch on their cars to be able to pick up hyperboost in advance of reaching the zone.

Once they have gone over the hyperboost area, a four-minute boost of increased power from the normal 200kW to 225kW would begin.

This would translate to an increase in lap time of approximately one second per lap during the activation period.

The system would be mandatory to use twice in each race.

It is also understood that the hyperboost system would be integrated with FE's TV graphics and the LED lights attached to the halo fitted to the Gen2 cars will flash red when it is in use.

The halo will flash green when a driver activates FE's fanboost system - which would be 100kJ applied on top of the hyperboost increase, between 225kW and 250kW - and yellow during a full course yellow or safety car period.

Hyperboost is part of FE's plan to update its racing product and TV spectacle to attract younger motorsport fans.

FE was unable to comment on the possible use of the hyperboost system.

An FIA spokesperson said the governing body had no comment to make on any race format proposals, with the matter set to be discussed at next month's World Motor Sport Council meeting.

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