Ahead of what has been reported as an upcoming Tesla Model 3 production shutdown, the automaker is making notable progress.

Everything we've learned as of late points to Tesla successfully ramping up Model 3 production considerably this month. It seems the automaker is cranking out as many copies as possible prior to the May 26 to May 31 shutdown, which is set to increase production speed even more.

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A little over a week ago, we reported that Musk had emailed employees about the potential to hit a 500-unit-per-day Model 3 production rate. He had said it was highly likely and that employees should reach out to him personally if they became aware of any barriers to the production goal. It may not have actually happened within the timeframe that the CEO was speaking to, but nonetheless, Tesla has now pulled it off.

According to a new email that Electrek was fortunate to get a copy of, Musk congratulated employees on the latest milestone. The email said (via Electrek):

First time we’ve been able to run at a rate of 500/day or an extrapolated 3500 customer deliverable cars per week. Congratulations on a big milestone!

Similar to our share in the previous story, Musk is working this out to 3,500 Model 3s per week since the automaker builds cars on a 24/7 schedule. Again, he used the word extrapolated, which can appear a bit vague, but Musk didn't mention anything about this being a burst. It seems that he's talking about a consistent run rate. Additionally, although his early Model 3 estimates weren't even close to reality, lately, Musk's projections have been proven with results.

This is a substantial jump from the 2,000-per-week rate that was reported prior to the last production shutdown. With another shutdown coming, and Tesla seemingly vastly improving its progress during the scheduled stops, the next milestone shouldn't be as difficult as it may have seemed in the past.

By the end of June, the CEO hopes to surpass the 5,000-per-week mark, with a potential for as many as 6,000 Model 3s coming off the line each week by then.

Source: Electrek

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