A French company by the name of gulplug is developing a new approach to a convenient electric car connection for charging - meet the P-Plate.

gulplug P-Plate charging

gulplug P-Plate charging

The P-Plate is kind of a self plug-in system with 40 centimeters of self-adjustment with magnetic guidance and self plug-out device. The charging cable is retracted into the car.

There are no efficiency losses, as in the case of wireless charging, but convenience should be similar. Also, the price of the P-Plate should be no higher than a conventional home charging station, according to the company. Though no official pricing has been announced.

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Charging power of up to 7 kW (22 kW while 3-phase) is expected to be possible.

Gulplug is trying to introduce the P-Plate on the market and has already entered into a cooperation with Volvo.

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