Qwest Norfolk completed its Tesla Model S conversion to a Tesla Model S station wagon, estate or shooting brake ,if you wish.

Tesla Model S Shooting-brake (Fully Charged)

Tesla Model S Shooting-brake (Fully Charged)

We already saw some photos of the car earlier this year here and there, but now we can watch the full presentation of it in Fully Charged.

The Model S used in the process is from 2015. According to the review, it's now slightly lighter, appears quieter and maybe even more aerodynamic (more range). Passengers in the rear have more headroom and of course, the owner of the car is now glad to have space for a dog.

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The car apparently passes Tesla inspection and can use Superchargers, just like the normal factory-made Tesla.


  • Rear roof: The sections of the coach built conversion, including the roof, are manufactured at a specialist carbon fiber producer who traditionally produce F1 components for leading teams, before being meticulously hand assembled by Qwest’s Skilled engineers to account for the variances in the TESLA building systems.
  • Rear doors: The QWEST carbon fiber body shell is bonded to the Tesla’s Aluminium utilising the latest in aeronautical chemical multi material bonding systems and painted in the client’s choice of matching or contrasting colours with subtle, tantalizing glimpses of the carbon fiber weave around the bespoke tail gate opening.
  • Rear side: The new larger rear three-quarter glass and specially curved rear roof glass are provided by world leader in automotive glass, Pilkington, securing global coverage for the car’s glazing.
A Tesla Model S station wagon could be an interesting option for many, but the conversion comes at a relatively high price, initially from £60,000 ($84,000 or €68,000) plus the cost of the car itself.

"Yes, at last it's the Tesla shooting brake. Only about three months later than we planned. Apologies. No question, the folks at QWest do an amazing job, okay not exactly cheap but very beautifully executed and highly professional. And Tesla Ted is equally impressive."

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Tesla Model S vs Tesla Model S Shooting-brake (Fully Charged)

Tesla Model S vs Tesla Model S Shooting-brake (Fully Charged)

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