Dreamcase, which began its business with the Tesla Model S, released bed boxes customized for the Tesla Model 3 and Model X too.

Dreamcase for Tesla Model X

Dreamcase for Tesla Model X

Dreamcase consists of a portable folding mattress, duvet and pillows. It is designed to fit into the trunk when not in use. The bed can be made in around 2 minutes and it fits the car when fully set up.

The prices for the Model 3 version starts in Europe from €549 (with VAT), while price without VAT (for customers in the U.S.) starts from 450 / $540.

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In the case of the Model X, the size is bigger and so is the price - € 579 with VAT and €474,59 / $568 without VAT.

The Dreamcase for Model S costs $779 (price is USD).

Dreamcase for Tesla Model 3

Dreamcase for Tesla Model 3

"Quality : Handmade in Europe, using high performance materials, we aim to make products that has the longevity the customer deserves.

Model X : Available for new 5/7 seater. Also fits inside the 18 cm trunk compartment while still leaving access to the lowest ( cable storage ) compartment on the 5 seater. Mattress is increased to 100 cm on Model X, comfortably suiting for two persons.

Model 3 : We aimed to make the DreamCase as compact as possible, especially with focus on smaller vehicles. We achieved this, making the the DreamCase ludicrously small, including pillows and duvet.

You can drive the Model 3 while the bed is fully set up, so the flexibility whilst travelling is great.

Storage and cooler mechanism : While the DreamCase is set up there is still room to store bags etc in-between the flip down plate in front of the backseats. The front side area of the flip down plate will trap cold air from the midt-console air-con, and if kept at below 20" celsius, on a hot day, will actually work as a cold area keeping beverages and food fresher.

DreamCase was designed to make car travel spontaneous, convenient and safe by swiftly unfolding into a double mattress for the coziest of rest with multi-layer memory foam, car duvee and pillows neatly encased. Take car camping to the next level.

We believe DreamCase will change the way we travel with our car, giving more flexibility on weekend trips, long road-trips and holidays. DreamCase is also very useful for combating drivers fatigue, instead of napping in your seat, you can have a bed made in 2 mins and rest properly. "

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