Land Rover hasn't yet introduced a production all-electric car, but if you really want an electric Range Rover you can convert one, even if it's an old one.

Electric Range Rover (Source: Fully Charged)

Electric Range Rover (Source: Fully Charged)

Fully Charged recently visited Electric Classic Cars, who converted a 1972 Range Rover to electric drive for proper all-wheel drive off-roading.

Previously, the British company converted a Porsche 911 from 1979.

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The second-life of the car was possible thanks to Tesla Model S battery modules (15 of them for 80 kWh) that often find second-life applications due to attractive price and energy density.

The range of the Range Rover EV should be about 175 miles (280 km) in normal driving.

Range Rover

Power: 130hp, 213 ft-lbs torque, twin motor setup

Batteries: 80 kWh battery pack

Range: 175 – 200 miles depending on driving style and conditions

Options included: Heater, power steering, LED headlights, vacuum assisted brake system and hill descent mode

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