Bjørn Nyland tested available battery capacity in his Tesla Model X and found around a 3% loss after 35,000 km (21,750 miles).

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Bjørn has owned his Tesla Model X for quite some time now, but the battery is fairly new, because it was replaced after 116,000 km (72,000 miles) under warranty.

The new battery pack seems to have lost over 3% of its capacity after 35,000 km. The result was calculated as a ratio of the amount of energy consumed on full charge (from 100% SOC to near 0% SOC) when the battery was new (82 kWh) and now (79.3 kWh).

It's not a big capacity fade, but a lot more than others have reported.

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The other important thing is that the calculations based on the full range estimated by the software are tricky because it shows just 1% drop (375 km or range versus 379 km when new).

Bjørn suspects that it has something to do with the algorithm that hides early capacity fade.

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