April was yet another stellar month for the EV segment, and it's just the beginning of a new quarter and still early in the calendar year.

As of today (5/8/2018), aside from GM and Tesla, we have real numbers that just came in. Even our GM and Tesla estimates, which have not been further validated by several heavily researched sources, appear to be very close to reality.

For the month, an estimated grand total of 19,681 plug-in electric vehicles were sold. This moves the month into the number 5 spot overall historically for U.S. EV sales. The fact that we keep reporting new records is huge news. We can't imagine what the end of Q2 will bring, and this December should be astronomical!

Top Months for U.S. EV Sales to Date (estimated):

  1. March 2018 – 26,373
  2. December 2017 – 26,107
  3. December 2016 – 24,785
  4. September 2017 – 21,242
  5. April 2018 – 19,681

Details Here: Monthly Plug-In Sales Scorecard

The Tesla Model 3 leads the pack once again with an impressive 3,875  deliveries. This marks four months in a row that the Model 3 has been at the top of our chart, and this month's numbers set another all-time record. We assume that it will not leave that top position at any point in the foreseeable future, and will continue to break and set its own record month after month.

The Toyota Prius Prime claims the second-place position for the month, with 2,626 sold, and it remains in second overall on the year. While Chevrolet Volt and Bolt sales are down, GM's plug-in siblings were still able to secure the third and fourth spots last month, respectively, with the Tesla Model S in fifth.

Overall for the year, however, the Tesla Model S and Model X land at third and fifth (with the Bolt in the four spot), holding the Volt back from the top five for 2018 thus far.

The Nissan LEAF and Honda Clarity PHEV were the only two other vehicles to sell over 1,000 copies in April. LEAF sales were somewhat of a disappointment compared to March (March sales here), but the Clarity keeps pushing along, and we think it will only continue to get better.

Until next month, we'll leave you with some other valuable data.

Other Statistical Points of Interest from April 2018

Top Manufacturers Of Plug-In Vehicles:

  1. Tesla* – 6,150
  2. Toyota – 2,626
  3. General Motors* – 2,620
  4. BMW Group –  1,973
  5. Nissan –  1,171
Pure Electric Car Market Share vs PHEV In April*
  1. PHEV – 10,108
  2. BEV – 9,573
*Based on estimates due to the lack of U.S. monthly sales reporting by Tesla and GM, as well as BMW i3 splits (BEV/REx)

The full monthly recap by individual plug-in (all-time) can be found on our Monthly Scorecard here.

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