Perhaps the most unique Tesla Model 3 aftermarket mod to date.

Whether or not you're into aftermarket products and vehicle modifications, there's no discounting the fact that T Sportline is one of the industry leaders when it comes to Tesla mods. We've seen many examples of the company's work, some tame and some wild. While this particular Model 3 isn't anything close to "normal," the work is tasteful and elegant.

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It might be a bit unfair to say that this Model 3 wouldn't be a head-turner. But, by that, we mean that it isn't overdone or ridiculous, and after the sun goes down, this hot car would surely just look like any sleek, black sedan. At times, some of these outrageous modifications can turn people off to the idea if they're obnoxious and completely out of character. But, this one is on an entirely different level.

How 'Bout This One: T Sportline Shows Us Its Customized Tesla Model 3 Called 3X

Kudos to the team over at T Sportline for making this Model 3 so unique, yet still refined and attractive.

Video Description via T Sportline on YouTube:

Catch a glimpse of space in this Model 3's exterior with a Satin Gold Dust Black wrap! With a multi-colored metallic flake, any admirer will get lost in this wrap.

● 2018 Tesla Model 3 in Black


● 3M Full Body Wrap in Satin Gold Dust Black ● 3M chrome Chrome Delete (or Black Out) in Satin Black ● T Emblem (Front & Rear) painted in Satin Black ● 3M Crystalline tint 70% (windshield/glass roof) / 40% (driver and passenger side windows, rear hatch window)

Wheels & Suspension:

● TST 19” wheels 19x8.5” front & rear in Matte Black. ● Uses factory 19" Continental ProContact RX tire, original factory lug nuts, original factory TPMS, and accepts factory center caps.

● Lug Nut Cover Set

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