AVM (Advanced Vehicle Manufacturing) announced presentation of its new EV27 electric shuttle bus at the Advanced Clean Expo (ACT) Expo 2018.

Yinlong's LTO batteries

Yinlong's LTO batteries

The AVM EV27 is mid-size 27-foot long shuttle for loop-based routes supporting corporate and school campuses, hotels and rental car facilities, airports, and affording “first/last mile” solutions to private communities.

The vehicle stands out due to its 350 kW ultra-fast charging through CCS Combo in less than 10 minutes.

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To achieve such results, AVM uses Chinese Yinlong LTO-type batteries.

The company encourages that there will be  21- and 33-foot lengths available soon.

"AVM’s exclusive joint venture is powered by Yinlong Energy, one of the world’s leading energy manufacturers and innovators. AVM shuttles are powered by Yinlong’s proprietary lithium–titanate battery (LTO) technology. An extremely safe and long-lasting lithium-based technology, LTO cells can endure more than 20,000 cycles, ensuring the batteries’ lifespan exceeds that of the vehicle. This robust and proven technology takes full advantage of AVM’s 350 kW CCS 2.0 high-powered charger, enabling the EV27’s rapid charge time.

Having a vehicle charge fully in less than ten minutes not only maximizes the total time in service for operators, but also eliminates the range anxiety often associated with electric vehicles. While most routes serviced by mid-size shuttles accommodate ten-minute breaks every three to four hours, the EV27, when coupled with AVM’s 350 kW CCS 2.0 charger, has effectively unlimited range under those conditions. Needing only ten minutes every few hours reduces the number of chargers required compared to an overnight or multiple-hour charging scheme. AVM’s EV27 saves operators as much as 50% in overall total cost of ownership due to reduced maintenance, fuel and other costs and provides greater reliability and longevity. Plus, the EV27 affords a quiet, zero-emission solution for neighborhoods, urban areas, and anywhere else air and noise pollution are concerns. The EV27’s unprecedented value equation enables operators to switch to an all-electric solution better aligned with green initiatives and environmental mandates.

<em>AVM EV27</em>


“With the debut of the EV27, AVM is making electric-powered commercial shuttles practical as well as truly desirable,” says Larry Brennan, CEO of AVM. “With such a competitive pricing model, short charge-time and proven technology, we’ve removed any remaining deterrents. Moving from traditional combustion-power to 100% electric is finally not just an environmental consideration — it’s the smart business decision.”

Every AVM vehicle connects to AVM’s real-time, cloud-based “smart” technology. Operators can select and customize ridership experience with features such as USB charging and Wi-Fi, fleet management, navigation, route optimization, and unparalleled, remote-access, data-collection opportunities."

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