Porsche's Mark Webber gives us a little taste of the Mission E.

Let us just say up front that Mark is a professional driver and works for Porsche. So, with that being said, he may be a little biased. However, this is the first time he's had an opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Mission E and we're interested in what he has to share.

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C'mon, this is a Porsche we're talking about. We feel pretty confident that anyone getting the chance to run it around the track would probably be extremely impressed ... Porsche-sponsored or not.

Autocar adds:

"Webber also announces that the car has "600hp", which equates to 592bhp, confirming speculation that its lithium ion battery pack-powered dual electric motor architecture will rank the Mission E second only to the 911 GT2 RS for power."

Webber calls the Mission E a "game changer" and says it's "stealth in motion." He admits it keeps reminding him of the Porsche 919 Hybrid. Despite its size and weight, it provides a truly dynamic driving experience. While Webber had some concerns initially, he's looking very forward to spending more time with the Mission E.

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Video Description via Porsche on YouTube:

Mark Webber got behind the wheel of the new Mission E for the first time on Porsche’s test track at Weissach. Are you curious about his impressions? Watch this video to find out.

Source: Autocar

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